What is justice?

My guest today is Professor Paul Robinson from University of Pennsylvania Law School.

Prof Robinson is one of the world’s leading criminal law scholars. A prolific writer and lecturer, Robinson has published articles in virtually all of the top law reviews, lectured in more than 100 cities in 33 states and 27 countries, and had his writings appear in 13 languages.

A former federal prosecutor and counsel for the US Senate Subcommittee on Criminal Laws and Procedures, he was the lone dissenter when the US Sentencing Commission promulgated the current federal sentencing guidelines. He is the author or editor of 15 books, including the standard lawyer’s reference on criminal law defenses, three Oxford monographs on criminal law theory, a highly regarded criminal law treatise, and an innovative case studies course book.

Today, we will talk about Prof Robinson’s latest book, Pirates, Prisoners and Lepers, Lessons from life outside the law.

Are we human beings born nice or evil? It is a question. In primary and middle schools, we are told to be empathetic and generous to others. Later when we go to college and start a career, however, we are told that economically human beings are selfish and calculative, and only the fittest survive in the jungle of market competition. So, deep down what are we? Are we naturally cooperative or selfish? Can we thrive without the government and rules of law? These are the questions that we will discuss in today’s conversation.

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