Are China and US friends or foes?

My guest today is Andrew Tobias.

Andrew Tobias is an American writer. He has written extensively about investment, as well as politics, insurance, and other topics. These books include: the only investment guide you’ll ever need, the best little boy in the world, my vast fortune, the invisible bankers, among others.

He has received the Gerald Loeb Award for Distinguished Business and Financial Journalism, Harvard Magazine’s Smith-Weld Prize, GLSEN’s first Valedictorian Award, and the Consumer Federation of America Media Service Award.

To many Americans, China is a mystery. Back in 2013, Mr Tobias wrote that he was in Sofitel in Nanjing. He and most of his friends have never heard of Nanjing. But there he was, in an extremely elegant 5-star hotel that was 48 floors high. Nanjing is probably the equivalent of Los Angeles or Chicago, if not New York. This was an eye-opener for the American guests.

On the other hand, we Chinese seem to know a lot more about the US. China is the biggest source of overseas students to the US. As of 2015, more than 300,000 Chinese students enrolled in US universities, and the number keeps increasing year by year.

We know that Americans are brave (or dumb?) enough to have elected a TV drama celebrity to be their president. We know that their two parties, namely the Democrats and the Republicans, do not get along with each other, and seem to disagree on everything: tax rate, healthcare, immigration policy, foreign policy, you name it.

So what does an educated and informed American like Andrew Tobias think of China? Can Americans continue to afford to ignore China? Does he see China a threat, or an opportunity to America? Are the two countries friends, or foes? These are the questions that we will discuss today.

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